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The PBL Academy provides project-based learning instruction, structure, and on-going support for K-16 educators. The goal of the PBL Academy is to help teachers improve student achievement through rigorous, authentic projects with community partners that address academic standards as well as the development of deeper learning. The PBL Academy offers a comprehensive introduction to project-based learning as well as workshops for experienced practitioners who want to hone their skills.

Student Demonstration

Curious to know the impact The PBL Academy has had on Southeast Indiana and beyond? Take a look at this collection of data that shows where The PBL Academy has left its mark, and which counties we've had the biggest impact on.

Do you still have questions? We've fielded quite a few in the past. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Teachers and Administrators take note!

Educators from the classroom to the central office can benefit from the professional development offered by The PBL Academy. Learn more about the three themes addressed throughout the week-long program.

  1. The successful utilization of PBL in the classroom is highly effective teaching that results in successful student performance. Read_more about how PBL relates to RISE and similar teacher evaluation rubrics.
  2. The support and involvement of school and district leaders in PBL is fundamental to its success in the classroom. Read_more about how The PBL Academy can improve 1-to-1 computing implementation, shed light on an administrator's evaluation process, and give schools a competitive advantage in student retention.
  3. Building a PBL-based support system within a school or district can increase teacher collaboration and student success. Read_more about how The PBL Academy supports the development of a collaborative culture.

The 2014 Session


2014 sessions are over. 171 educators (a 53% increase over last year!) and 98 children enjoyed a week of collaboration, learning and fun

Key metrics for participants of the 2014 PBL Academy are:

  • 58 schools from 25 school districts were represented.
  • 135 of the educators were new to PBL
  • 36 were experienced PBL educators who returned to hone their skills on specific areas of PBL facilitation.
  • 74% of the participants teach in the EcO15 region.
  • 15 out-of-region schools sent participants, including representation for four states other than Indiana.
  • 83 children of partcipants enjoyed the week-long STEM camp that accompanied the Academy and childcare services were offered to 15 toddlers.

23 workshops

  • Covering state standards through PBL
  • Creating sustaining student engagement
  • Student assessments in a PBL classroom
  • PBL and educational technology
  • Developing and working successfully with community partners
  • PBL from the students' point of view (presented by a group of middle school students)

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